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Default Re: Panasonic TH-50AS700 - Can I rely on LED tester results?

Originally Posted by petehall347 View Post
i have only just got one of those testers and it works like i said . say i test one 3v led it reads 3v .. if i test a string of 20 it reads 60v ..if i test a string of 20 with 3 shorted ones it reads about 50v .
in reality how would you know the string had 20 LEDs? mean you tear it down till the strings.. LED type and V if 3 or 6 or 4.7 V can know from the label no need this tester at least to me... i cant see the benefit of the tester.

as i said the currents play big roll. and in case if you have shorted LED with the tester other good LED at the strings will lid on ?? if yes.. mean with out tearing down you still have led come on so you cant see the one off... and if NO mean you need to tear it down and do test one by one to terminated the bad one.

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