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Default Re: Lenovo Flex 14IWL Bios Editing Help

Originally Posted by grimacelord View Post
Oh, crap. Can a mod move this to the BIOS requests section? I didn't see until after I posted. Ugh. Sorry!!!
Thread moved .

There`s a guide you can follow .Its the same method to cut the bios to the right size. The same method for the DMI and win key ,the offsets in your bios are different though.Follow the guide but use the offsets below. D is the DMI, W is the key.

D 620000 - 6207FF

W A90000 - A9003F

If you followed it ok and made a new bios you can check its SHA-1 hash using Hxd. Analysis -> Checksums -> SHA-1 -> OK

0DF475F4267F8987509F29BC309B912820F89D9F .If its the same hash youve done a good job.

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