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Default Re: sancon china caps

Actually, according to my experience, SANCON are not that bad caps.
They are at the level of Teapo and are substantially better than Capxon, Suscon or Lelon.
Actually, everything is better than those 3 "brands".
I even used Sancons on motherboards or PSU-s. But I generally follow the rule - one magnitude greater voltage than the original cap.
If the original cap is 6.3V, I install 10V. If 10V - install 16V. If 16 - install 25V.
Useful conversions. I don't "speak" imperial. Please use metric, if you want to address me.
1km=1000m=100000cm, 1inch=2.54cm, 1mile=1609.344meters, 1ft=30.48cm 1gal(US)=3.785liters, 1lb=453grams, 1oz=28.34grams

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