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Default Re: ESR 0.6Ω capacitance -15% absolute must change?

After comparing with a good PSU. I see that the bad one is not starting (when connecting PSON and PSKILL to ground). The good one starts the fan, LED turns green and all output voltages are there, without needing a load.

In stand by I have several different voltages on output PINs:

PIN / good PSU / bad PSU

PSON 4.9V 7.9V (and bad one varies a bit)
PSKILL 4.9V 7.9V (bad one varies)
SB5 0.4V 3.3V varies up to 22V
A1 0.5V 1.6V
A0 0.6V 1.6V

I do have 5V on PIN +5VSB on both good and bad power supply.

One bad one is started (pins PSON and PSKILL to ground) LED remains orange, fan does not start, seems to do nothing.

Looks like an issue on the stand by power supply.

Any hints would be appreciated.
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