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Default Re: DSLR canon sl2 flash error 50

Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
Check the second mirror that reflects to (and) the AF senor. Maybe their position changed?
watch this:
Thank you, great info. I have removed the phase detector, just to clean the outer glass. Mine is separated into 3 divisions, unlike that nikon in the video. But it did not fix the issue. The mirror that reflects on the to sensor is clean and does not seem to have any movement as to where it could have been vs where it is now, so I don't think it has moved. I'm guessing the processor that is under the SD slot (which my SD slot was very damaged) might be to blame. It sucks since I know the autofocus was working after fixing the SD slot, but after the first time I used it for photos, when getting home, I realized it no longer focused.

If there is a way to confirm that this processor is to blame (since I have both a missing flash signal and missing phase detect focus) I seem to be able to order from aliexpress. It is the F74966A, located underneath the SD slot, where someone seemed to have forced something in it since the slot was completely destroyed. I just don't know if this processor controls both things.

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