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Talking FeelTech / Kuman FY6600 DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator repair

Some Got it as a X-Mas present from wifey. Lasted about 30mins and then it was absolutely dead.
Checked the PSU and it was loaded down to next to nothing. Unplugged the main board from the PSU and all is O.k. on the PSU. Ahh! Main board problem!
Took the main board out and find a short at T2 (78L05) regulator between the input and GND pin. Took that out including the cap that is next to it and still have a short. I also measured shorts between C53 and C57. Took these out, took the 2 IC's under that heat sink out and still a short! Running out of options I decided to go old fashioned way hunting a short. Feed Power! Fed 5V 1.2A on the shorted line, doused half of the board with alcohol and success! SMD cap C81 bubbling! Replaced that with another cap the same size I found on a TV main board, put that in, soldered in all the parts I had taken out, reassembled it and I've got a working Function Generator.

So in short: If you have a Feeltech / Kuman FY6600 that doesn't work and the PSU is good, check C81 on the main board. It is under that little heat sink that is on top of of the 2 IC's.

Merry X-Mas!
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