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Default Re: FeelTech / Kuman FY6600 DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator repair

Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
Took the main board out and find a short at T2 (78L05) regulator between the input and GND pin. Took that out including the cap that is next to it and still have a short. I also measured shorts between C53 and C57. Took these out, took the 2 IC's under that heat sink out and still a short! Running out of options I decided to go old fashioned way hunting a short. Feed Power! Fed 5V 1.2A on the shorted line, doused half of the board with alcohol and success! SMD cap C81 bubbling! Replaced that with another cap the same size I found on a TV main board, put that in, soldered in all the parts I had taken out, reassembled it and I've got a working Function Generator.
This is very interesting in how you found the shorts that were on this board
This was very interesting reading I enjoyed it Thanks for sharing this
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