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Default Re: Diagnostic card suggestion?

Originally Posted by llonen View Post
Then I am not really sure why you would need or want a diagnostic card(s) which represent a considerable downgrade over the test gear you already have. But if they are a must have for you then the one you have listed is cheap enough and probably as good as anything else on the market, buy it, play with it and then realise why they are mostly redundant.
I read somewhere (not sure if it was in this forum or somewhere else) that a diagnostic card would come in handy when troubleshooting PCH, etc. Hence my initial interest in getting one. Current pandemic kinda also make its not worth it getting one at the moment anyway due to shipping restrictions/delays.

If there are any specific repair queries you have then post them up on the forum as these places are an invaluable source of information.
Sure is! This thread being one of those quest for information

The other thing you might want to add is a logic analyser, again many of the data lines operate above the bandwidth of the cheaper logic analysers, that said I find one useful for the work I do with vintage computer equipment, you can of course use am oscilloscope as a partial substitute for an analyser to look at two or four data lines at a time.
I do have one. A salae logic if I remember right. Haven't used it for a while now, can't properly remember its specs
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