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Default Re: Dell 2209wa - momentarily blinks every two seconds [ Video + Audio + Service Manu

Thank you for the guidance. Getting an understanding of why the cap would be at those two levels with/without PFC sounds worthwhile.

So I replaced the components with stuff lying around. Diode went from 3 A → 12 A, the 0.2 ohm 1 W fusible resistor became a 1 A fuse, and I took a mosfet from an old PSU — only 500 V compared to the original 600 V but maybe that's ok. It's not like the original part survived.

I plugged it in, and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why I lost every single rail. Not even a power light. After more than an hour of troubleshooting I figured I should probably plug the power LED / power button board in and try turning the monitor on ��*♂️ Apparently it saves the power state in memory ��

The bulk cap was at 319 V when turned off, and around 370+ when on. Good call.

Power draw is about half of what it was before. The controller is cooler without the heat sink than the heat sink itself was before. Power factor is around 90-94.

Time to close it up again and let it cook. The bezel stays off for a month I think.
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