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Default Re: How do you remove/install LCD panels from TV?

1) Place TV face down on soft rolled up towels or foam "pool noodles" to remove back of TV.

2) unclip any wires or harnesses at this point that are east to reach.

3) Flip TV over and support on flat surface so that no circuit board are supporting weight of TV.

4) Remove front bezel and any clips or screws that hold panel together.

5) Gently fold the small circuit boards with flex cables toward front of LCD screen and TAPE to the screen so the ribbon cables are not free to move or get caught on something.

6a) For small TVs up to 32", I can remove LCD screen horizontally or vertically without too much trouble.

6b) For medium TVs 42" to 50" , I usually tilt the panel up from its place in the panel assembly and remove VERTICALLY.

As neilc6 says, LCD can be placed gently against a wall with its diffuser sheets. I recommend using several pieces of masking tape to hold the diffuser layers to the panel to keep their order, prevent dust or debris from getting in between, and minimize chance of them separating and crumpling to the floor in a heap.

ENSURE FOAM PIECES ARE ACCURATELY PLACED ON FLOOR OR STORAGE AREA BEFORE MOVING PANEL. The last thing you want is to be awkwardly holding a fragile panel and then shuffling foam pieces or supports with your feet while losing your balance...


6c) For large TVs 50" to 90", removal is performed ABSOLUTELY VERTICAL. Tilt the TV into suitable orientation then LIFT panel VERTICALLY. Usually TV base is not installed at this point so when you tip the TV up, Ensure TV will not slip out along floor and crash with damage. Using small pieces of "foam pool noodles" prevents slipping and damage.

Like a glass window, glass has all the strength in the world when held vertically, but is extremely fragile in horizontal orientation. Think of a window installer truck - windows always transported vertical, never horizontal.

If your TV is supported vertically, you can easily remove and transport LCD panel by yourself or with help of an assistant without chance of bending/flexing or damaging LCD.

Also very easy to move around your workspace because you can easily fit through doorways or narrow spaces without re-positioning the panel.

I have never cracked a panel, nor have I ever needed fancy suction cups. In fact, DO NOT use large suction cups. Some suction cups are so strong, you risk de-laminating the LCD panel, or locally cracking the fragile LCD panel. My biggest and only worry is oily fingerprints on inside of LCD panel surface that I forget to wipe... Often if I use clean fabric gloves this is not an issue at all.

I have not tried using a large piece of cardboard as suggested by user "sintv" because of high change of introducing dust or debris between panel and diffuser layers or risk of scratching rear of LCD by accident, but it is a simple solution. Once of the largest pains is trying to remove dust or lint or hair that gets trapped between panel layers once assembled. Especially on 4K TVs where it is very noticeable.

Be prepared for dust/lint/hair by having an automotive "tack cloth" within reach. A "tack" cloth lets you remove lint or dust without streaking or introducing more debris.

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