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Default Finding replacements for Su'scon caps

This is for an lcd monitor that won't power on. At least 3 Su'scon caps have gone bad and I plan on replacing them all.

Su'scon 1000uF, 16V, 10x20mm, SG Series (R.C.=1820)
Su'scon 470uF, 35V, 10x20mm, SG Series (R.C.=1820)
Su'scon 33uF, 50V, 6x11mm, SG Series (R.C.= ?)
Su'scon .22uF, 50V, 5x11mm, SK Series (R.C.=11 ?)

This is what I planned on replacing the Su'scons with:
1000uF -> Nichicon UDH Series - UHD1C102MPD (R.C.=1820)
470uF -> Nichicon UHD Series - UHD1V471MPD (R.C.=1820)
33uF -> Nichicon UPW Series - UPW1H330MED (R.C.=300)
.22uF -> Nichicon UVZ Series - UVZ1HR22MDD (R.C.=4.3)

The problem I have is that I'm not sure on the ripple for the Su'scon 33uf and .22uF so I don't know if what I listed above is a good match. The Su'scon SG data sheet doesn't list the 33uF/50V and in SK data sheet the .22uF/50V is grouped as: .1-.47uF ripple=11.

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