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Default Re: Do switches have different output distance capabilities?

Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
I have noticed differences too, I have a link that is significantly too long at around 170m.
With my laptops built in Intel NIC I get a solid 10Mbps connections that I can saturate.
However with an Asus RT-N66U router I can only achieve ca 2Mbps in the same throughput test.
I have been meaning to test some different switches on that link but have not gotten around to it yet...
Are you pushing UDP packets or trying to benchmark a TCP connection?

You can query the interface to see what sort of errors it thinks are happening.

But, unless you have a look at the actual signal on the pairs, it's hard to know how much to blame, each device. Could even be kinked cables, etc.

The "easy" solution is a media converter (or even throwing another switch at the midspan).

[I convert to fiber for any longer links -- or anything between buildings, across the yard, etc.]
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