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Default Re: Dell U2413 turning off

Originally Posted by gamexciter View Post
I got the same problem.

- Standby power (5V) still on
- PS1 (24V): 0V

Already replaced some following components: 03 schottky diodes (SRF 30-10) + 1 opto coupler at Main Switched PS; IC LD7904JGPN; MOSFET K15A60D at FPC area; 02 MOSFETs K10A60D closely to the main transformer. Nothing changes.

When used a laptop CPU cooling fan and directed the air flow to the main switched PS area, the screen turned on in 3 seconds.

I used a meter to check the value of components around the PFC and main switched PS areas. All components seem to be still in good condition.

Thanks for any help
Q971 and Q971 are likely the problem. Gated thyristors that have become too sensistive.

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