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Default Re: Samsung Syncmaster T220 2 seconds to black

Originally Posted by krlle View Post
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but were you ever able to fix this monitor?

I have the exact same issue with my Samsung T220, no capacitors show signs of bulging or leaking, and I have tried to replace two of the capacitors (those located in the middle bottom left corner above the screw hole) in this picture:

I have also tried to replace both inverter transformers, the TM-21240 ones, but with no luck. It's still exactly the same symptom.

The red power light comes on, the screen will turn on, and the screen comes on and shows the picture perfectly for 2 seconds before it goes black. I can see the picture if I use a flashlight.

In the last couple of months before the screen got like this, the top part of the screen would flicker erratically. It also was a little bit dimmer in this flickering part of the screen, this got worse with time until it got completely unusable with the 2 seconds to black symptom.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I have a multimeter which i can measure with if any of you can point out what to look for.

I feel like I can't give up on this now with this much effort put into it. Maybe I will try to replace the rest of the capacitors in spite of them seeming to be fine.

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