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Default Re: troubleshooting definitive technology prosub 60

Originally Posted by finster56 View Post
Good afternoon. I also have a Prosub 60 subwoofer, and it also recently died on me. WhenI discovered your Badcaps thread, I was relieved to find someone else with - I believe - similar issues. My R19 is fried. I just checked Q1 and Q7. They are defective, too. I can replace those 3 components, and am prepared to test and replace additonal ones. However, I see that your thread seemingly ended, mid-repair, a few weeks ago? Did you hit a roadblock? Or - hopefully - did you get your Prosub 60 working? If so, I'd be grateful for any tips/insights beyond those in your thread. Many thanks. finster56
Hello Finster

I did hit a roadblock. My driver is bad. The first thing I did was perform the resistance check per DT and checked that the driver movement was free without noise/scratching. After swapping out the components and confirming there wasn't a short anymore I could indeed turn on the sub w/o the fuse blowing or a resistor blowing. I decided to hook it up to the stereo and I wasn't getting a very clear response from the sub. It was low and noisy. I checked the driver again and it scratches now when I apply pressure. I assume the voice coil is bad. Though there may be other components that are still faulty. So, the project is on standby until I get some time to work on it. But replacing the driver may not be cost effective...I am not sure I am not sure which driver I can buy to replace it. I guess I can get a voice coil repair kit, though I think I would also need a refoam kit. Again...may not be worth it cost wise. I already spent $30 on parts and shipping charges which I was fine with but spending anymore just might not be worth it unfortunately.

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