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Default Re: Shuttle SD36G5M - Mobo died, recapped, still issues

Yes I looked up the datasheet for it. My pin labels match the datasheet. Pins 1, 2, 3 left to right. Pin 1 = gate, pin 2 = drain (which is just a stub going to no where on these, but is continuous with the large pin 4 drain on the datasheet), pin 3 = source.

So it seems for Q53, pin 2-3 (source to drain) is at 1.8 ohms or practically continuous. For Q54 pins 1-3 (gate to source) is at 3.6 ohms, which seems to indicate a short between the gate and source, no?

I'm not exactly sure how to tell which is hooked to 12v. But I figured that pin 11 of the 24 pin connector being 12v would be a start. I used the common leads of the 4 pin power connector to test ground.

Drain of Q53 (the large part soldered to board) is 0.2 ohms to 12v. The Source (pin 3) of Q54 is 0.2 ohms to the common lead of the 4 pin ATX connector - ground.

Worth noting, the drain of Q54 and pin 3 of Q53 are only 1.8 ohms from 12V. That seems very low?

I wish I understood this better to provide you some better info.

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