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Default Re: Shuttle SD36G5M - Mobo died, recapped, still issues

Originally Posted by racer2086 View Post
I have the Mosfets on order from eBay from China :/ can't get them in the US. Hopefully they are real.

Can I test that controller somehow? Or should I just order one of those also and replace it?
If you purchased only one set of replacement MOSFETs, you might want to replace the controller then, just to be sure it doesn't blow your new MOSFETs. Otherwise, you'll be waiting on a new order of FETs to arrive (unless you feel like kludging something together with any other MOSFETs you may have on hand, which may not turn pretty).

That said, unfortunately, there is no test that you can do on the controller to tell if it's good. I've had seemingly good controllers blow several MOSFETs before I wizened up and replace them too. Only then did I manage to take care of the issue.

However, looking at the picture of the controller that Agent24 highlighted above, replacing that controller is going to be a pain in the butt due to being SMD. You will definitely need hot air station for something like that. If you don't have one, then just install the new MOSFETs and pray that everything works.

And who knows - it just might. I've had PWM controller blow roughly only about 30% of the time when a MOSFET blew up on a motherboard or a video card.

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