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Default Re: Shuttle SD36G5M - Mobo died, recapped, still issues

So, I replaced the two mosfets that were in question. There was some separation of the board under the fet that got really hot. I re-epoxied the top layer back down and it seemed like there was no affect on the traces. Everything seemed ok.

So when I first powered it up, I got the XPC splash screen, then the no keyboard error before the computer turned off. Now it just power pulses it seems. The motherboard LED blinks on and off and you hear the fans speed up and slow down.

So, I have no idea what is wrong at this point, and it's beyond my knowledge. Maybe the components I got are bad. Maybe something else is blown out. I just want to get a good replacement board, recap it, and then be able to use my computer again.

Anyone know where I can find one? Nothing on ebay seems to match.

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