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Default Re: Shuttle SD36G5M - Mobo died, recapped, still issues

Originally Posted by racer2086 View Post
So when I first powered it up, I got the XPC splash screen, then the no keyboard error before the computer turned off. Now it just power pulses it seems. The motherboard LED blinks on and off and you hear the fans speed up and slow down.
Does the power supply fan pulse as well? If so, that would indicate your MOSFETs may have shorted again or something is drawing excessive current.

Originally Posted by racer2086 View Post
So, I have no idea what is wrong at this point, and it's beyond my knowledge. Maybe the components I got are bad. Maybe something else is blown out.
Like mentioned before in the thread, it's quite possible the PWM controller could have gone bad with the MOSFETs (or caused the MOSFETs to go bad if it went bad first), which is why we recommended you replace that too.

Of course, it could also be something else that is blown too that is causing those MOSFETs to go bad / overheat (I'm dealing with a similar problem right now on a Radeon HD3870 video card that had a shorted MOSFET).

Originally Posted by racer2086 View Post
I just want to get a good replacement board, recap it, and then be able to use my computer again.

Anyone know where I can find one? Nothing on ebay seems to match.
If I find one, I'll let you know. But so far, it looks like Shuttle motherboards are quite hard to find. I've been looking for one for my Shuttle XPC FB83, which also suffered a blown FET (Northbridge VRM) due to badcaps. I fixed the blown FET (and VRM controller), but the PC was dead. The only few Shuttle motherboards I saw on eBay were priced beyond the moon and not even guaranteed to work or had a ton of bad caps (seriously, ???). On top of that, they weren't compatible with my Shuttle either. So I shoved that whole computer in storage and used various bits and pieces out of it for other builds.

That's not to discourage you from looking, but I do want to give you a fair warning of what to expect. Besides, if your Shuttle mobo appears to boot at all, you may have a better chance at fixing that than finding a replacement board.
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