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Default Re: Shuttle SD36G5M - Mobo died, recapped, still issues

Just to finish off this thread, I ended up just buying a whole Shuttle SG33G5 computer off eBay for $50. Components and all. It's the same "newer" model as my "daily driver" Shuttle XPC I built years ago, which has a motherboard they marketed as having an "all solid capacitors motherboard design". Not sure what that means, but all the caps on the board are those all-metal-can caps. Knock on wood...mine has been running flawlessly for 10 years.

So I swapped that newer board, Core2 CPU, and RAM over to the HTPC case with bad board, which essentially is now a massive upgrade over the older board and Pentium D chip. I put the dvd-rw drive into my current daily computer as an upgrade and added the card reader that came in it to the HTPC for kicks.

Now I have an old WD hard drive, an extra video card, and an extra case with power supply left. If anyone wants the case let me know. It's just the metal frame with no face.
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