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Default ASUS STRIX RX570 4GB - CODE 43 Error

Dear All,

I have an interesting one today, I have got a batch of old mining cards which are in for repair.

Card 1: No power to all rails, opened up and saw that the GPU chip has been popcorned. Someone had hit it with their chinese hot air station and popped ettt (NEW GPU CHIP and POWER WORK)

Card 2: All power rails are present, the corner of the GPU die is chipped. This is probably no good too. (NEW GPU CHIP)

Card 3: Looked good booted up with bios and windows safe mode works great. but would crash out when windows loaded up, Ive tested over 10 types of bios all for this model with ELPIDA ram chips. None of them can get past a driver download, some will not display memory details in GPUZ. I dont know what to do with this, ive changed out the BIOS chip and flashed several kinds of bios with no luck.

Card 4: No power to all rails, I changed the 0.9v rail buck converter chip and all power rails are now present, lights up but fans dont spin, I found that the BIOS chip had been taken off, I have replaced the BIOS chip and flashed a BIOS for the ELPIDA chips, it doesnt display anything but chip does get warm feeling from the back side.

As a secondary card it is recognised by windows, see the screen shot. in devmgr it shows code 43. In HWINFO there are no memory errors counted:0 but i guess its not even working??

What shall I do next? Im stuck here at the same stage as the other RX560 card that I have. What would be my next course of action?
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