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Default Hp 15-dy1731ms not turning on

Hi all, I am working on Hp 15-dy1731ms (Board # DA0P5DMB8C0 Rev: C ). Upone diagnostics I found one of the rect' diode (A2 1N) near the battery was burnt, I replaced with another good one. Did not turn on. I reprogram the BIOS chip & now the LED on the DC-in jack BLINKS 3 times when the switch is pressed & then shuts off completely. No shorted rail, all looks good. The battery charging chip used is BQ728H .... The voltages on this chip are below:
i) VCC Pin 19 19.4 V Ok (Pin 1-2-3 19V)
ii) ACDET Pin 6 2.0 ( where as this should be 2.6 > )
iii) REGN/LDO/VVDP 5.9V Pin 16 ( seems to be ok)
iv) ACOK 0.3 V Pin 5 (OPEN DRAIN OUTPUT) (Assuming pin should be high on BQ24728, about 3.2V)
V) ACDRV Pin 4 24.2V (Ok)
vi) ILIM Pin 10 1V

Does anyone have the Schematic for this model to share or any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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