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Default Re: <play taps>RadeonHD 5770 dead at ... ~10?

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Not sure if I want to get a 64-bit card yet, I think I can get one locally real cheap (like probably $5) but not sure if I'll like the performance.
Yeah, in 3D stuff, 64-bit is... ugh.

Originally Posted by Uranium-235 View Post
Here, Three cards up to 12 monitors
^ But that's a GT 710 - it's a "display adapter" and not a real video card.

But yeah, I see your point, it's about the number of monitors you can run with this one and not necessarily performance... so multiple monitor display adapter would be the proper title for it.

Actually, as much as I like to poke fun at these GT710 cards, they wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for their 64-bit memory bus... but then if they had anything better (128-bit bus), they would be essentially a GT 730... well maybe, depending on the core type. This applies to both GT 710 and GT 730. 710 with GF119 -based core has only 48 shaders, 8 TMUs, and 4 ROPs - it's weaksauce. On the other hand, GK208b core type has 192 shaders, 16 TMUs, and 8 ROPs, which would essentially allow for twice the performance in non-memory-intensive applications (but in most cases, that won't happen as the 64-bit mem bus will still be the major holdback.) The better of the pack would be a GT 730 with a GF108 core, which has proper 128 bit mem bus... but then that one is limited by its silly 4 ROPs. So I guess there really isn't a winner here among these.

In terms of value for money, HD7570 will beat all of the above (look for the Dell OEM ones with GDDR5 memory.) These are dirt cheap right now and plentiful. But, alas, it's HD7k series - they just don't last... though this being a smaller core GPU, it usually does better. I imagine these would do OK with an aftermarket heatsink that keeps them cool. The stock one is quite shit, IMHO. Alternatively, the HD4670 is only slightly slower and not DX11-compliant, but also tends to be more robust.

Or if you want a direct replacement for your 5770 but can't find too many... The FirePro v5800 and Barco MXRT-5450 are almost the same thing, just with a slightly slower core clock, but much lower TDP of 74W (vs. 108W for the HD5770.) If you get that and slap the 5770 cooler on it (provided you can make it fit), that should give you a cooler-running card that performs the same as before.

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
so now I've had a dead diamond hd5770, sapphire hd3650, pny mx440, and a foxconn G965 (yes onboard)... maybe more... nforce board...
Better than my pile of dead stuff ... though I should say I did acquire all of them in that condition already (i.e. none of my working cards have died on me yet... yet.) And in the process, I managed to revive a few with reflows. Seems that only the old Radeon 9700's and a few HD4850's have taken that alright and still appear to work. Most others have died again.
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