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Default Re: <play taps>RadeonHD 5770 dead at ... ~10?

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Yeah all 5 of those dead GPUs were acquired new... So I've been having bad luck with GPUs?
Probably 50/50 bad luck and just not cooling your GPUs enough (relying on the stock HS or stock fan profile.)

By the way, I was just looking through the ghetto mod thread and saw this post of yours:
and this picture:

Is that the Diamond HD5770 that failed here? If yes, you can't say I didn't warn you about it running at 60C. ATI cards starting with the HD5k and up don't like it that hot. HD4k could take it... but not great. HD3k were the only ones that could take high heat abuse for a long time before going bust. The stock fan profile for most of my HD3k cards is set to not spin up until the card reaches a toasty 70-80C. Most HD4k are the same. And people wonder why those failed so much. Not as bad as nVidia 8800 series with their single-slot coolers. Those run terribly hot too.

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
Currently functional PCIe GPUs I have left are an X800 and a G210. Neither are opencl though the X800 is faster. Or is the Intel second gen cpu graphics faster...
I hate to say it... but the X800 is pretty outdated for modern use. They are great for retro PCs / gaming from the XP era. For modern usage, though, you might be better of with the Intel's onboard... well, depending on which CPU you have. By G210... did you mean Pentium G2010? If so, that's an Ive Bridge with Ivy Bridge GT1 IGP.

As a similar comparison, I was playing with a Pentium G3260 CPU this summer in a HP SFF box, and it performed admirably well (for an IGP) in older games up to 2007-2009. Mirror's Edge on 720p - no problems! 40 FPS average. That's only a little less than my HD46x0 cards could do.

And if G2010 is indeed the CPU you have, then its IGP should definitely support OpenCL.

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