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Default Re: <play taps>RadeonHD 5770 dead at ... ~10?

Yeah that card died, though the 'new' fan seemed to push more air. Pretty much was up to the heatsink and there was no way to get another thicker hs there - more pcie cards are coming...

No, not g2010, it's an nvidia G210 according to Linux. PCIe too. It's definitely slow, 8400GS speeds and era.

my cpu is a sandybridge, but only one video port, thus lacking in this aspect alone. At least the cooling problem for it is solved...

Hooked up the X800 to my monitors, good for the time being. Though something 5770-like in speeds would be nice... not sure how much these go for these days due to conflicting reports in this thread of it being both "old" and "fast" at the same time??? Which is it?

Just have to delay opencl experimentation for now...

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