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Default Re: 4700uF 6.3v and 3300uF 16v in a 10mm Diameter

Our forum member Behemot sells custom made UCC KZN 16V 3300uF capacitors which are 10mm and quite tall and I highy recommend them.

He sells them through his Bonanaza store, or through his website.

He also carries Samxon RS in 16V 3300uF, but their spec is not as impressive as KZN. You're already familiar with those.

Originally Posted by kaboom View Post
Has it ever been established that the fudgies were in fact their stated values when new? Remember, we're only seeing these antecs after failure or when in for recapping.
Yes, they were in fact 4700uF. Don't bother trying to find 10mm 6.3V 4700uF caps. Just use 3300uF caps there.
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