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Default Re: Long range free wifi

Originally Posted by desert-rat View Post
Ok , I am not a hacker , I have no interest in hacking any encripted wifi . I can pick up 7 of my neghbors wifi from my lap top modem with out any high gain antenna . I thought free wifi meant the same to ever one . If I walk in to a store and there is a sine saying you are welcome to use our FREE WIFI , that is not stealing if its inside there store , in the parking lot or at my home .
You've missed the point.

These places set up "free WiFi" for THEIR CUSTOMERS... not some guy 2 miles away who wants a free ride!

TOMORROW, they can replace their AP, move their antenna, site a large metal appliance directly in your line-of-sight to their antenna, decide to turn the AP off after business hours, limit the number of connections to the few folks they normally expect to see on it, forcibly drop leases after 60 minutes, restrict certain types of traffic (e.g., torrents because someone from MPAA gave them a call/visit as the goons can see the IP you're using as you DL those torrents), etc.

THEIR CUSTOMERS (the intended beneficiaries of their FREE service) won't be impacted. You, OTOH, may well be. If you are so sure that they intend this service to be available to folks "in the parking lot or at my home", you'd have no problem ASKING them about it in those terms, right?

So, I repeat, going this route only makes sense if you're more interested in FREE than in ACCESS.
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