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Red face bricked my laptop ram from messing around too much with spdtool!

so i thought i could squeeze some extra speed out of my ram... i was trying it using some 2x2gb kingston hyperx so-dimm ddr2-667mhz cl4 on my dell latitude e6500 latoptop. it worked well only until when i tried flashing the modified settings on it using spdtool. laptop now beeps for bad ram... *grumble* had to add the stock 2x2gb nanya ddr2-800mhz cl6 ram back into it...

i tried putting one hyperx module in and the other nanya module in thinking it would follow the nanya's looser timings and settings but nooo... still no boot and same old bad memory beeps.

so i tried looking for either an spd programmer or ddr2 laptop sodimm to desktop dimm adapter but the latter only exists for ddr3 and ddr4. the ones i found on junkbay and aliexpress only actually work as a ddr2 sodimm to sodimm adapter. i wonder whats the point of those? looks pretty stupid to me... the only use i can think for it is as some kind of a sodimm riser card instead...?

as for the former, the prices for those spd programmers can be pretty shocking! at least 40 bucks shipped for one! no way am i gonna pay 40 bucks to fix a set of modules that cost only 16 bucks...

so anyone have any other ideas on cheap and cost-free ways to rescue my bricked hyperx sodimms? which i bricked from my own arrogance about my supposedly 1337 overclocking skillz?
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