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Default Re: Amstrad DVD Player cheap recap

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
I will keep those DVD players until someone wants them.
Yeah, just give it time, like kaboom said. It need to find the right "customer"... and like with the small LCD display, since this isn't a "hot" item, it may take a while to get taken. But eventually it will.

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
On the other hand, if I post them for free at Facebook Marketplace, they will all be gone in less than 24 hours. People there behave like this for some reason, when they see something is for free, first they say they want it, then they read the text and see the pics
That's how my local Craigslist is. So if/when I do give out stuff, I just put it outside (on a good, non-rainy day) or to the side of the house and make it a "first come, first serve, will remove add when taken" listing. Otherwise there are too many people that promise to will show up but never do. Granted I've done something similar myself once or twice... but for probably 99% of the items I said I'd come for, I've always showed up. The few times I couldn't I wrote back as soon as I saw I couldn't make it that day/time. And I've also left $5-10 for a few of the items, despite them being free.

Originally Posted by goodpsusearch View Post
I am 100% sure they will take them not to use them but hoping they will resell them and make a profit, then some days or hours ago I will see them for sale for ridiculous prices, like 50 or 80 euros, they will be on sale for months or years but they wont reduce the price or consider giving them for free. That's how market for used items works here in Greece unfortunately.
We have these people here too. It used to bother me a lot... but when I thought about it, not so much anymore. After all, if these people have the storage space to keep such things, then why not. At some point, even these "now worthless" DVD players may become a little more valuable... like maybe 10-15 years down the road when there are much fewer of them. That's how it was here with the CRT monitors. 10-15 years ago, I've had people who said they couldn't thank me enough for actually coming to pickup their CRT monitor(s) - even the guy that gave me the two GDM-FW900 beasts . Whereas now, the moment I see a listing for one on my Cragislist - and that's very very rarely (like once a year or so) - it gets taken within a day usually, especially if it was listed for free or "cheap" (relative to what eBay prices are now, anyways.)

Of course, if these people keep the prices absurdly high for no reason, then no one will buy the thing and they may eventually end up scrapping it... which would be a shame, since you did put some of your time and effort into fixing it. To me, this is more or less the same as being (indirectly) disrespectful to the creator/maker/tech who fixed the item. IDK, maybe I'm weird like that, but I never liked destroying perfectly good things.
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