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Evil Lurker
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Default Big honking quick comparison chart, 26 manufacturers series cross referenced!

This morning I was amassing some datasheets trying to sort out some way to quickly cross reference good caps to bad caps.

Then I found this jewel: Data.pdf

The good folks at Lelon had already done it for me... 26 different companies capacitor series cross referrenced!

This will save me a ton of time trying to figure out which good cap series I need to start looking at to find a replacement cap with the closest equivalent specs.

Heck I might even buy some of their caps as a thank you.

This definately needs to be stickied.
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Default Re: Big honking quick comparison chart, 26 manufacturers series cross referenced!

Fixed the link for you.

Edit: Attached.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf TechnicalData.pdf (138.7 KB, 295 views)
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Default Re: Big honking quick comparison chart, 26 manufacturers series cross referenced!

Seen that before.
Never look at it because it's not that useful as a cross reference if you care about ESR/Ripple.
[They seem to disregard it.]

Choosing a line in the chart and checking 8x20mm in those supposedly equivalent series...

Panny FB - 650mA / .180 ohms
UCC LXY - 740mA / .095 ohms
Nich PJ - 795mA / .130 ohms [some are 730mA / .160 ohms]
Sanyo ME-AX - 800mA / .069 ohms
Elna RJH - 800ma / .095 ohms
SamYoung NXP - 810mA / .080 ohms
UCC LXZ - 810mA / .080 ohms
Nich PW - 995mA / .065 ohms
Panny FC - 995mA / .065 ohms
Lelon RXW - 955mA / .065 ohms
Ruby YXG - 1050mA / .069 ohms

.180 ohms is not equivalent to .065 ohms .. more than double, almost tripple.
650mA is about 2/3 of the ~1000mA caps. .. 1/3 less is not an equivalent either.

You can use that chart to narrow down options some, but you STILL have to break out the data sheets and check specs or you could pick a cap with more than twice the ESR.

The intent of the chart is to tell you what can be replaced by Lelon caps.
Save for the Rubycon it actually works for that.
Quite useful if you plan to buy Lelon caps.
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