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Default Bad dell LCD screen

My friend got a nice Dell dimension 3000 with a dell lcd screen. Problem is the power light will turn green like its getting signal and power, but the screen remains blank. They tried different dsub cables too, that did nothing.

I told them it might be the lamp went bad or that it has bad capacitors.

IDK the model number or anything like that...they just told me today at school.
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Default Re: Bad dell LCD screen

Seems that you have a backlight failure. This requires some skill to dismantle and then check the back light inverter electronics. Sometimes you can be lucky and only have to replace a small fuse.

So to check it out it must be opened up, if you feel up to it. Then post some photos of the electronics boards. You also need to identify the model number of the Dell monitor if you need help, too many versions around.
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Default Re: Bad dell LCD screen

The Dell monitors are a pain to disassemble I had to repair by brothers Dell awhile back an E193Fpc the back cover is almost totally secured to the front with clips.

To remove it remove the 4 screws securing the stand to the monitor then remove the 4 screws under that securing the back cover to the front.

Now comes the tricky part look into the vents around the monitor with a flashlight you will see the clips they are all around the sides.

I released mine with the bottle opener attachment on my swiss army knife.

Insert the thin opener into the vent opening closest to the clip and put it against the clip now push outward to disengage the clip.

Do this all around and the cover will come off.

This is a little like disassembling an Ipod it's tough the first time but you get much better at it.

And just like the Ipod it goes back together much quicker then when you took it apart .
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