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Default B&K Precision 1524 Oscope

Recently picked up B&K Precision 1524 Oscope on ebay.
when using the 1Khz test sq wave I noticed it appears as a 500hz wave. V is ok.
I then measured the 120VAC wall outlet. It too has an incorrect freq

I can use the variable sweep knob to correct the freq of the 1Khz test waveform and when I then measure the 120VAC 60Hz wall outlet the freq is correct. Is this just an issue of the scope or is that the reason the knob is there to begin with?

(at 1ms/div the 1 Khz test wave takes up 2 squares)

If its the scope, does anyone know how to calibrate this? Is it in the manual? I have looked on B&K's site but was unable to find the manual for this oscope.
Does anyone have a copy of the manual they can email me?
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Default Re: B&K Precision 1524 Oscope

I'm not familiar with this exact scope, but most of them have 'vernier' or 'variable' controls for both sweep speed and vertical gain. These variable controls will have one particular position in which the scope is calibrated. There should be some sort of marking on the front panel indicating what the 'Cal' position is. On the Tektronix scope I have here, it's fully clockwise, and the knob clicks into position.

Also note that the frequency of the front panel probe calibration test signal is often just a ballpark number (not calibrated), since the important characteristic is the square edge (rise time.) The mains frequency however, should be spot on at 60Hz, 16.7ms period.

If you determine the scope is really off, then it sounds like the sweep generator requires re-calibrating, or with a 2:1 error, perhaps some component there has gone out of tolerance. The procedure should be in the service manual and will require some kind of frequency-calibrated signal generator. I took a look through some usual sources of documentation, but unfortunately I could not find any reference to this model.
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Default Re: B&K Precision 1524 Oscope

Sweep variable knob in CAL position? Should Click.


FYI - You can request a specific manual from B&K:
veritas odium parit

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Default Re: B&K Precision 1524 Oscope

Thanks for the reply's.

I have verified that the sweep variable knob was in CAL position. (its printed on front bezel - Cal pos with a clockwise arror)

I am going to get another probe and test with that to verify that its not my old probe. (its a 60mhz probe)

I will continue to look for the manual to see if I can adjust it. I don't have a calibrated freq gen but I think if I use another calibrated scope (from work) and make the 2 match in freq readings, I will be ok.
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Default Re: B&K Precision 1524 Oscope

I know this is an old thread, but I have some new information.

I found the BK either sold the rights or brought it from or too Kenwood.

It looks like the Kenwood CS-1025 is the same thing as a BK 1524.
Below, if I did this right should be a manual and a service manual for the Kenwood CS-1025.

I have a BK 1524 and used these manuals to fix my bk 1524, as the boards are the same in the two units.

The trace was out on mine, and it was due to the 5volt supply had dropped to low....

hope this help someone as i spent many nights searching.

Good luck
Attached Files
File Type: pdf CS-1025 - 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope.pdf (5.67 MB, 6 views)
File Type: pdf Kenwood--CS-1025--service--ID13460.pdf (2.45 MB, 4 views)
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