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Default The longest repair ever

Hello! I have a beautiful 30" LG W3000H lcd monitor which I used up until 2 or 3 years ago: then it started flickering along with portions of the picture moving up and down on their own.
Brought twice to an LG repair centre, the final diagnosis was "it's the panel", and of course the panel was more than a new monitor.
Bit the bullet and bought another monitor, but didn't throw away the LG as I hoped to fix it one day.
Fast forward to today: I suspected the tcon, so bought a replacement on aliexpress for the pricey sum of 30 dollars, and it seems to have fixed the flickering problem! Unfortunately, it exhibits another issue: the picture is split vertically in the middle and is shrinked and duplicated on the left and right side: it's like on the left side of the monitor it displays only even columns while on the right only the odd ones. I noticed that the tcon I received is slightly different from the original, it has the same code (LM300WQ5-STA1 6870C-0183D) but some resistors close to the flat ribbon connectors are soldered in different positions, and there's a small chip and a bunch of resistors missing elsewhere.
Now I know that the panel is fine, and I ordered another tcon (for 20 dollars this time) that looks to be identical (the code is actually different, 6870C-0183E, but the resistors layout is the same). If I succeed, that will be 3 or 4 years to fix a monitor!
Failing that, is there a way to trick it into displaying the picture correctly? Maybe swapping some wires in a DVI cable?

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Default Re: The longest repair ever

Doesn't count unless you opened and left it open (not buttoned back up) until you finally fixed it

Reminds me of that stupid 120VAC inverter I got that failed, had it opened up for at least a few years, screws put in a little plastic cup, until I finally rootcaused and fixed it. I was lucky to find all the body components and able to put the thing back together like what it was when I bought it, minus that stupid SMT resistor that failed just days after I got it...
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Default Re: The longest repair ever

Im with ECC on that. Ive had a project in pieces for more then a decade, lol
Things I've fixed: anything from semis to crappy Chinese $2 radios, and now an IoT Dildo....

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Default Re: The longest repair ever

Originally Posted by goontron View Post
Im with ECC on that. Ive had a project in pieces for more then a decade, lol
I'm guilty of that as well.
Also have many PC project parts in boxes that have been waiting to be built for years.
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