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Default ASUS DUAL GTX1070 (white)- a hopeless case ???


I have a very stubborn card from ASUS, I believe I made almost everything what can be done, no success:

• Card has all voltages, resistances seem to be OK, but is not recognized in Bios, neither Mats, nor Windows (mesurements on attached picture) - has Micron memories.
• Monitor not reacting, even no backlight going on
• Mats test not possiblle, card not visible
• PEX_RST* - The signal is OK, checked with an oscilloscope, it goes Low for a short period when I do board reset, then is High again
• VRAM PGOOD? It is not "anded" with PEX_RST_BUF* (no logic gate, only R0 Ω) -> ASUS is going the simplest way on this card, several logics are simplified
• Crystal 27MHz - works, has 0,9V twice
• PCIe capacitors - all OK and not shorted, not missing
• PCI data and address lanes diode mode check - all OK, not shorted, no missing, all same levels
• Reading Bios - YES, it works, the BIOS is read shortly during boot, level changes are visible on pins 1,2,5,6, then silence forever
• Uploaded another BIOS from TECHPOWERUP (, then newest from ASUS site ( - did not help
• Some additional measurements:
- GPIO1_GC6_FB_EN -> Low, active, but not connected anywhere, maybe it should go to GC6_FB_EN_CONN_A32 (have only a similar schematics here, so can't verify this), maybe a resistor is missing ?
- GC6_FB_EN_Q * -> OK Low
- 1V8_MAIN_PGOOD -> OK High
- GPIO4_GC6_1V8_MAIN_EN (on D504) -> High - OK
- NV3V3 -> 3.3V OK
- GPIO2_GC6_GPU_WAKE * -> remains Low -> probably not used on this card ?
- 3V3_Aux -> OK, present
- 3V3_F -> OK, present
- FBA_VREF_Q -> OK 1.08V on Q11 and Q8
- PEX_SMCLK -> not connected anywhere (also on boardview) ?
- PEX_SMDAT -> not connected anywhere (also on boardview) ?

• GPU not becoming too hot, memories too

This card is really a big questionmark for me, everything seems to be OK, but it's not working. I'm shortly before giving up.

Anybody any ideas ???

ASUS DUAL_GTX1070_8GB_Measurements_Top.jpg

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