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Default Booting from USB3.0 PCI-E card?

I have an ASUS M2N-E motherboard which seems to have no working USB ports. I don't know if the USB chip(?) is dead or if it's a BIOS problem.

Of course, these boards update the BIOS using a USB Thumbdrive.

So the question is do I buy a USB3.0 PCI-E card that installs into a 1x or 4x PCI-E slot and costs $15 or do I buy a new BIOS chip which is about $20.

If the USB3.0 card does not boot the board I can use it on another board. If I buy the BIOS chip and this doesn't fix the USB functioning, it's a loss.

Has anyone successfully booted from a USB PCI-E card?
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Default Re: Booting from USB3.0 PCI-E card?

nope. this being a nvidia shitset bumpgate board, its probably the mcp sb that is fucked. thats why the usb ports are no worky. u can ask momaka on how to do a ufc mma punch on the mcp to temporarily fix it and get the usb ports useable albeit temporarily. he has done this kind of ufc punch fixes before on these dying nvidia shitset boards.

or try reflowing the mcp sb. see if that fixes the usb ports.
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Default Re: Booting from USB3.0 PCI-E card?

you put a spare harddrive on another machine and install freedos on it together with the bios and flasher - then plug it into the asus board.
it's not your bios though.

boot a Linux live-disk from dvd,
then try to scan or access the usb ports - linux does not use the bios.
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Default Re: Booting from USB3.0 PCI-E card?

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
u can ask momaka on how to do a ufc mma punch on the mcp to temporarily fix it and get the usb ports useable albeit temporarily.
My method has only been successful on this one ECS MCP61PM-AM motherboard (from a Gateway GT-5656 PC), so far.

USB still works after those punches and board seems to be stable overall.

That said, I also give that PC regular kicks too, now - not because there are problems with it, but because it's under my desk and I often conveniently use it as a foot rest. The nice curves on the GT-5656 case make for a great foot rest, actually.

On a related note, I do also have an Asus/Pegatron M2N-E (or similar M/N anyways) motherboard from an HP Pavilion PC that locks up in BIOS with any SATA devices attached to it. No SATA devices and I can boot. Very likely I suspect the issue is with the GeForce 6150 / nVidia MCP61 chipset there.

So I think Chaos may be onto something here - your board may have chipset issues. Try the live Linux boot DVD, as sjt suggested, to see if you can access the USB ports (though also check in CMOS that they aren't disabled.) If that doesn't work, then maybe try the USB 3.0 PCI-E card method (though keep in mind that a failed MCP61 chipset can also have issues over PCI and PCI-E slots), as this will at least allow you to reuse the card in another PC.

In any case, don't invest too much into that M2N-E motherboard, IMO. Unless you make modifications to the chipset cooling (at least add a 40 mm fan once you determine if/where the issue was and that it wasn't from the chipset itself), the board will likely die from chipset issues, eventually. There really should have been a class-action lawsuit against nVidia on these, because way too many had issues.

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