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Default Rubycon Capacitors

I have now read and compared many data sheets on replacement caps. My conclusion is that Rubicon make the best. The ZL series have low impedance and high ripple current values that are superior to others I have checked. Now the new range ZLG is significantly better still.

Why would anybody use another brand if Rubicon is available? If anybody can point me to a better product (Rubicon is more than sufficient) I would be very interested to compare.
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Default Re: Rubicon Capacitors

really it depends on what is actually available. Panasonic FC, FM and Rubycon ZL are reasonably easy to find. MCZ is the ultimate Rubycon al-e cap for our purposes but difficult to find. check sanyo oscon specs as well another difficult to find cap.


Sanyo OS-CON

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Default Re: Rubicon Capacitors

It's also question of price. If new caps cost more than new board, it's not good. Most people will buy new board instead, even if it's crap.
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Default Re: Rubicon Capacitors

yes of course. If we look at website in HK/China we see the following :

Oscon SA series 2200uf 6.3v = $4.08 (1 piece)
Oscon SEPC series 1500uf 6.3 = $1.36 (1 piece)
Rubycon MCZ 2200uf 6.3 = $0.68 (1 piece)

Those are realistic prices because pcbulb has good availibility. It is difficult to compare them anyway because you could get away with probably 1/2 the UF in oscon to get similar performance than general non polymer caps.

Then if we look at Farnell

Panasonic FC 1000 6.3 = 0.25 British Pounds
Rubycon ZL 1000 6.3 = 0.28 British Pounds
Rubycon ZA 1000 6.3 = 2.87 British Pounds
Oscon SP 1000 4 = 2.04 British Pounds
Oscon SA 1000 16 = 7.00 British Pounds

The Rubycon ZA, Oscon SP and SA are too expensive and not realistic price because they are not maintaining good stock of them.

what i am saying is that you can get better caps than FC and ZL but availability and pricing makes it not realistic unless you are intending your board to have the ultimate overclocking performance and price is not so much a consideration.

in that case you couldnt go wrong with having Rubycon MCZ everywhere except vcore where you would use oscon SEPC. That i believe would be the best price/performance ratio in the premium category.
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Default Re: Rubycon Capacitors


I looked around and those purple Sanyo OSCONS.... well I was stripping some old mobos and I removed a bunch of caps that looked just like them. I didn't have good light so I couldn't read them. I'm going back there (friend's computer shop) today and am going to see just what those were!
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