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Default Re: New Software Achi LY by PSOFT

What I say comes from my experience as a mid-level repairer (not the knowledge but the availability of equipment), unfortunately if you work with the final consumer and not with a company, the cost of the repair is of great importance. when making repairs for people who work with their own hardware, price is not of primary importance but speed and competence are.

In my opinion it is certainly preferable to rely on a well-known manufacturer (ERSA, and similar) who not use cheap materials, everything that is Chinese (Chinese manufacturers use European or US technology) is for those who do not have the money (me too) and want to save.
With the bga of recent years the popcorn is very rare while the distortion on the rectangular chips is a big problem. (intel SR32Q and similar)
for this reason I prefer to remove the bga from a donor card using a cnc
(cold method)
In mass production a lot of tests are done and a lot of cards have to be damaged to know the correct profile. Notebook cards are all different and this makes the job more complex
Without the use of an x-ray machine it is not possible to understand if the profile is correct.
This is to obtain a lasting weld over time and not just for an unknown time
The heat should be transmitted by radiation so the watts (in a certain range of values) are not very important than the frequency that the top heater generates . Each material absorbs heat in a different way, even the color has its importance , this with IR machines.
For this reason, even 150W is sufficient
As for other gases instead of air they are mainly used to avoid the generation of oxidation.
I have used some automatic bga machine and the welding process is not only faster but much more accurate

What bga solder machine you use ?

Originally Posted by xipxid View Post
I will put here another reply, only for the reason that this subject (entire subject, not only what I quoted) have a representative amount of errors. This errors that peoples makes represent a huge percent of errors that the peoples (at world level) makes, in his running / searching / dreaming to find some "Holly Grails" to personally solve the BGA Rework Stations problems.

First of all lets dismount the "hot air / hot gas / nitrogen capable and so on..." myth that are applied to low cost / high cost "popcorn machine" that are selling to us like a ultra super mega acurate / precise "BGA Rework Stations", noting more wrong / fake !

Air / gas / "nitrogen capable" use the named "direct convection heating transfer". What that mean ?! That mean that you heat on some (one top and in some case bottom) the air / gas / nitrogen and send it to a targets (BGA / component / PCB) over this medium movement (air / gas flow).

The problem is... the medium ! Gases true excellence are a... PERFECT TEMPERATURE INSULATOR ! Look here and here

That mean that the energy that the gases can transfer is minimal ! The mass / thermal inercia is huge ! You can't precise control that type of system ! Above all this... you need to heat the gas at heater output with 100 - 150 Celsius degrees more that you expect to be at component / BGA / PCB level (350 - 400 Celsius degrees) ! This huge temperature difference give to component / PCB / BGA heat sensitive superficie the chance / possibility to absorb what he want from this huge temperature that it have at his disposition ! Result ?! Popcorn component / BGA / PCB and if you insist with this huge temperature, the result are... all BURNING !

Hot air / gas / nitrogen capable - BUSTED , ERROR, FAKE MITH ! Don't choose this system !

Above this... how can you send to BGA balls the nitrogen ??? when you send this gas from 4 side ? (the under BGA system are in a equilibrium pressure... the gas DON'T flow under the BGA !!!) who say "nitrogen capable" are speaking from a point of view of "Pseudoscience" here you can read about

Let dismount this black / yellow / white mega super Ceramic heaters myth.

This super / mega / "professionals" generate infrared / IR. Until now all is ok. The big problem is... where in infrared spectrum is situated the emission ?! Well I can tell you that garbage emit in LWIR (Long Wave InfraRed) here you can see details - Bad approach, LWIR emitters have huge inertia, in fact the energy are transmitted due to air convection not due to infrared because LWIR have short distance propagation ! To use this heaters you need a huge amount of power that is incontrolable due to his huge inertia.

I write about inertia many times, why are important inertia ?! To control a temperature system you need to modulate the heating element how fast you can, think... a really fast temperature sensor give information 10 times / second, the PID normally actuate at last 10 time faster that the sensor information are readied, 100 times / second, a garbage ceramic heater can actuate at... 30 seconds... in the best case due to his huge inertia! Fast = low inertia.

Lets dismount the... K-Type super / mega / accurate / precise / 1 Celsius degrees of accuracy / precision thermocouple nothing more wrong / fake !

This type of thermocouple is the most widely used in the popcorn / barbeque machine that "Fake manufacturers" it sell to us ! Even one "famous manufacturer" convert the IR temperature sensor to K-Type compatible signal output !!! This is an aberration ! That behavior introduce a huge amount of errors on conversion process !

This super / mega / hiper thermocouple precision - here ve have some... theoretical values - Type K (Chromel / Alumel) -200 to 1300 2.2 °C accuracy !!! Look here Be careful this is only... in theory ! In practice the accuracy ar worst. In practice the accuracy are 4-5 Celsius degrees (in best cases) but can be more than 10-15 Celsius degrees.

The K-Type contact thermocouple are the worst possibility that you can choose (ALL MANUFACTURERS CLAIM 1 CELSIUS DEGREE OF ACCURACY), BUSTED , ERROR, FAKE MITH ! Don't choose this system !

Let dismount the... IR Temperature sensors ! that are more and more populare in these days.

Every object (in normal conditions, even in vacuum you can see IR spectrum of stars) emit electromagnetic radiation, one in X-Ray spectrum, another in IR spectrum and so on... The IR temperature sensors look at the IR emissivity spectrum and translate / transpose / convert this emissivity to measured temperature. This is short / uncomplicated story. But... it come the complicated story... THE OBJECT EMISSIVITY ARE NOT IGUAL TO ALL OBJECTS !!! The object emissivity vary from one object to another, from a material to another, from a color to another and so on... Look here to an examples -

The ideal object emissivity is 1. But this is in... theory, in the real world, object emissivity never will be 1. In fact it have a huge variation, even a 0.1 emissivity errors can induce at 100 celsius degrees a 10 degrees of errors ! BUSTED , ERROR, FAKE MITH ! Don't choose this system !

Board / PCB support. Well... nobody seems that pay attention at this aspect when it speaking about BGA Rework Stations. This aspect have a huge importance that give the quality of the process. Al popcorn / barbeque manufacturers use more or less same method... it clamp rigid the board / PCB in to an aluminium support. That mean FIXED. BAD approach. The board / PCB in the Rework Process is expanding / dilatating, if is fixed support... well... THE BOARD / PCB WILL... BEND / DEFORM. And this is nothing good when you want to mount a BGA. BUSTED , ERROR, FAKE MITH ! Don't choose this system !

PID temperature control (or... no PID, fixed points). - an amputated brain apes planet !

NOBODY on this planet can accurate control the temperature graph that manufacturers recommend ! On the internet you will see a huge amount of aberrations, errors, fake guru's... amputated brain apes... that clame "perfection / didactics / PID / ramps / fake manufacturers recommendations and so on". In fact they only... ADAPT what they can made manufacture to today "marketing necessities" that he need, that only cheat a honest potential buyer ! Only to pay for some garbage and after... only problems. Never ever somebody have full control for the Rework Process (until now ).

Look here - and here -

I specially upload for you two Rework Process to visually see the difference between 1-20 celsius degrees errors vs time (in the first video) and 1-4 celsius degrees vs time (second video). This videos was not public until now and I hope that these videos will clarify for you some basics aspects of BGA Rework Process that a BGA Rework Station MUST RESPECT ! The videos are accelerated with X10 speed (the original BGA Rework Process take 6 minute).

The internet support anything, like paper (fakes guru's, amputated brain apes and so on) but... the BGA and the PCB NOT SUPORT THIS!

Let analize the... Price ! You have on the internet prices from under $100 (some Chinese garbage) to $120.000 (a Weller garbage) !

What can we buy from this products that are all over the internet and clame... perfection ?! Well... we need to buy something that respect the BGA and the board / PCB, something that respect the Rework Process that is recommended in every datasheet from all manufacturers, flux / paste / balls / materials and so on.

Another important aspect of the problem that is generated by price are illustrated here "This is interesting, indeed those machines you linked look pro, i have seen them before, but that price tag... It is maybe applicable for large service centers doing warranty contracts for one of the big brands.

When you're doing 8-10 year old laptops for $60 a job (and that's best case, a lot of times here you have to work for less or the client runs away ), and you're getting 10, maybe 15 rework jobs a month... you're gonna recoup that investment in over 2 years, which is a long time when your country is currently governed by thieves, all prices are rising and pay is less and less.

I never said all IR machines are bad, we are talking about the affordable Chinese rework stations here. Even if i had that kind of money to spend (there's a chance i never will), i would invest it in a different kind of business." this is a reply in this post by Th3_uN1Qu3

@Th3_uN1Qu3 - If you don't like your country politics (Romania... one of the beautiful ever country that I see) go away. You are not the first and for sure you not will be the last !

"Think young, it's your only... HOPE" @Th3_uN1Qu3 Why do you need only for you... a BGA Rework Station ?! I think that you don't need that... Think... if you (in Bucharest 1,794,248 peoples...) are join let see 10 professionals like you, everyone with 10 BGA at month... that mean about 100-150 BGA Reworked in a month, X $50 for me are... $5000-$7500 in a month ! you can recuperate a... let say $15.000 in only two month ! You only need to split the $15.000 to 10 users and pay a guy to made 8 hours daily... only BGA Rework, nothing more !

Your problem and not only your problem is that you don't have anything to buy independent to the price that you want. And pay attention with "buy by price" philosophy... this came only with PROBLEMS.

P.D. All information in this post are with only intention to inform, this information you don't have it in one place over the internet. All information are is "short story" version and we can debate all aspects (I don't have much time for that). I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING, I DO NOT WANT DONATIONS, I DO NOT MAKE PUBLICITY AT NOTHING, ALL WHAT I WRITE HERE ARE MY PERSONAL OPINION AFTER 35 yeas of electronic service / soldering and 10 YEARS OF SERCHING FOR... A REAL PROFESIONAL BGA REWORK STATION. I don't find it !

The 2 link with video I hope that is not bad, I don't put these links with publicity intentions, I put it here only to balance in the corect / right way path, all ineptitudes / aberrations / amputated brain apes philosophies that approach a BGA Rework Process all over the internet.

@Th3_uN1Qu3 By the way... the "AlphaControl" software that you see in the videos... was born in Spain and send to be polished in... guess ?! The City of Roses - Timisoara / Romania seems that in your country exist some guys that... understand and respect this magic / wonderful Rework Process

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