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Talking Re: Soldering station thoughts and guidelines

There's no closed circuit radio here thank goodness and this newfound buddy of mine has a thing for house music and a couple of large DJ speakers just lying around in the shop here (a bit beat up but they still do the job) and since our musical tastes match and with nobody to bug us, we can crank that SOB all we want I was actually a bit concerned that it might leak through to the boss but thankfully he's in a different building I'm a bit on the opposing side: I CAN'T work without music...complete silence is required sometimes indeed (when I'm analyzing a schematic for instance) but once I get to the actual work, I need something to keep me entertained

O.T About being the "new guy" in a large company: it always means you're either going to be the butt of the jokes and you have to waste energy to put up with that (by humorously taking them on, so you don't end up being regarded as the odd man out which results in even MORE "bullying" so to say, though that's exaggerating, which didn't happen thankfully) or everybody just ignores you...they don't mind your presence but don't give you anything to do either, so you're just kinda stuck there trying to find your place...which is not easy since everybody just happens to be so happy and talkative all the time, brimming with energy, which I'm clearly not. My first two weeks here were a nightmare: with nothing to do, I'd just nap in my chair all the time, occasionally looking up a schematic or watching some videos of Louis, basically reminiscing about the time where I had high hopes that I'd be dealing with board repairs, alongside people like Louis who'd keep me entertained AND educated...not quite. Nobody in the right mind is going to share their "secrets" with you - you're a threat, an insect...can't let anybody else take over >_> I'd look at the time, it's 10AM...after what seems like a lifetime, I look at it again and it's only 10:30AM...UGH >_> I did fix that Jamo subwoofer I wrote a post about, but nothing else can you prove you're good at it if you're not assigned anything ? Even if you ask for something to do, people usually think they're more professional than you and (kindly) brush you off. Going over to someone's desk and grabbing whatever they're working on doesn't work either

Oh yeah and I'll keep you posted about the soldering gear too
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