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Default Sony KDL-46EX1 intermittent fault ??tab bond

Our TV has started misbehaving. The off thing is that the TV works fine. The problems are so far limited to HDMI inputs.

Symptoms seem like others have described with tab bond failures. Darkness in part of screen, flickering darkness across screen. Darkness looks like brightness and backlight turned down. But when HDMI inputs look like that, turn back to DTV and DTV is normal. Perfectly normal when the set is cool. Happens when warmed up. Not looking forward to getting a serviceman to bill us a large quote fee to say that it's tab bonds and we need a new set. Anticipating having to get a new one anyway. Ours reports working time 11681:36 (presume this is hours).

Have 2 HDMI sources - PC and PS3. This TV talks wirelessly between BOX and MONITOR (screen). There are HDMI inputs that go to the BOX and one HDMI that plugs straight into the MONITOR bypassing the wireless, that's what the PC is connected to. When it misbehaves, HDMI direct and wireless via BOX both show the same problem.

Worst behavior yesterday was when the HDMI source played very slowly with dark screen in slo-mo with ghosting of moving images.

For some months, there has been faint scrolling horizontal bands of noise scrolling up the image only noticeable on very dark backgrounds. I presumed this was interference, but haven't been able to get rid of it. Nobody else notices.

I've studied the available information - EG1W chassis training, service manual, Sony T-CON training manual and troubleshooting. Service mode reports no errors. Tried the power down reset procedure.

I can't figure out how this problem could affect only HDMI sources via both wireless and direct HDMI without affecting DTV from the BOX via wireless to the MONITOR at all. On the block diagram, the only place that shows where these signals might be separate looks to be somewhere on the main board or inside the Trident WX2.

Haven't taken to disassembly yet, since nobody will be happy with me if I kill the functioning TV by accident. Wondering if this could be a bad cap somewhere on the main board or a bad connection of an interconnect.

Any clues would be welcome.
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